I just returned from a deliciousssssssss dinner with my partner in crime!  We finally went to Angelica’s Kitchen!  : ) A combo of Casey and organic food definitely made my night!  I must say despite one little thing that disappointed us (completely not food related by the way!), the meal was sooooo yummmmy!  I’m not going to reveal exactly what we had because……A.) Casey has some fabulous pics of the heaven we ate…..therefore…… B.)We want to keep you in suspense, keep visiting our site to find out!  Angelica’s Part 2 coming up!  ;  )   All I can say is, I would definitely go back to this NYC charm…..and between Casey, her mom, and I, it was less than $20 each for all that we had!   Which was………………………..









to be continued!!!!!!  : )



– Ania




PS:  Totally excited for The Healthy Living Summit!!! We can’t emphasize how much we want to go!  :  )