Today marks my last day as a slacker, sitting home watching the plethora of trashy MTV reality shows some intern on his 18th red bull must dream up.

Currently, I’m watching  “World’s Strictest Parents”, a show about “rebels” who are thrown into a house with “strict” parents. By “rebels” they mean kids who have a few piercings and skip school every few weeks, and by “strict” parents they mean a mom who uses the “don’t MAKE me count to three” method. These people obviously have never met my father, a veteran of Vietnam who, when I had a sleepover and my friends would sleep in the living room, would bang a pot with cooking utensils in order to wake them up and usher them out of HIS space. And that was his “nice” method.

Anyways, I started today with a wonderful breakfast. I’m planning on not sacrificing my delicious breakfasts when I start work. I’m the kind of person who enjoys relaxing in the morning, even if it means getting up at 6:30 or 7 when I don’t have to leave until 8:15.  As opposed to my wonderful boyfriend, Mark, who would gladly step out of bed and literally straght into the shower, do his hair while brushing his teeth, make his coffee while buttoning his shirt, and down his coffee and a pop tart while driving to work. All to sleep that extra 15 minutes. It really is quite entertaining to watch him do all of this in the morning.

So back to that wonderful breakfast. It started with this

jun19 004

I began by sauteeing the chopped red pepper…

jun19 005

Of course, Shea assumed her usual position…

jun19 002

And as I was separating the egg white from egg yolk, I noticed Shea looked quite famished and dehydrated….

jun19 007

Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t fed her yet. Oops. The peppers started burning and I quickly tended to them and added the egg into the skillet.

Meanwhile, Shea started to get desparate and began searching the garbage in hopes of scavenging something to eat…

jun19 006

When I noticed this I realized I STILL had not fed her. Dog owner of the year goes to me.

I more than made up for it though, when I gave her a nice treat on top of her usual dog food…

jun19 010

Please don’t call the ASPCA on me. Anyone who knows me will tell you Shea NEVER gets this kind of food. A “treat” to her is carrots or apples with peanut butter or almond butter. Yes, my dog is pretty organic too.  Which is why it disappeared pretty quickly…

jun19 011

Back to MY food…Here’s the grand finale…

jun19 009

Two slices of light toast with two slices thinly sliced ham, scrambled egg white and diced red pepper, and one thin slice of Reduced Fat Apline Lace swiss cheese.

So as I mentioned in my last post, tonight we are going to the Saint Greg’s Festival, an annual carnival/fundraiser done by Mark’s parish. His mom and dad pretty much ran the festival for several years, and now his older brother is helping out with security. And how does this involve Mark and myself? Well, Mark decided to do “overnight security” which entails sitting in his car from 11pm until 8am. But he gets a nice reward for doing this so it’s all good for HIM. What does Casey get? Hmm…to hang out with a super-hott-security-guy? Sounds good enough to me =) .

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of how our night doing security goes. And who knows, maybe ANIA will be included in these plans somehow!! CALL ME! I will not leave my phone unattended for a minute!

LOVED the comments everyone (all two of you!), keep ’em coming!

– Case