The fact that tomorrow is already Friday feelsss sooooo good! : )  The fact that after checking and seeing rain in the forecast for the next ten consecutive days…….wow pretty depressing, especially seeing that it has already been raining for the past consecutive month.  GREAT.   Where is June!?!?!  We have been jipped of a summer month so far!  Whatever….looking forward to the weekend…..and ending this phone tag Case!  Let’s make plans : ) 

Anyways, work was busy, busy, busy, and spin class was intense like always. Love it.   Speaking of the gym, I need new sneakers….aka PUMAS!.  I loveeee PUMA, I wish I worked for them!  These are awesome!  



PUMA….if you are reading this, hire me!  : )   Or I’d be more than happy to test and review these babies out for ya! ; ) 


Okay, well nothing too interesting occurred today…….so excuse the lame post.  I am off to bed for spin at 6:30 tomorrow morn and then let the weekend begin!!! (Well after work that is…)  


Breakfast tomorrow:  A little different!  Vanilla probiotic yogurt with a hefty amount of flaxseed and an abused and overripe nana to cut up and add in there.   


And lunch….is quite the naked, pathetic looking sandwich….I thought I had a cucumber to top it with but I thought wrong…….anyways spelt bread with hummus, a TJ cheddar cheese stick, and some cut up orange slices – which look delish!  




And by the way, I was so excited to hear about our first comment!!!  Please do comment if you read our blog, we would love to hear from you!!!!  : ) 

I hope everyone has fun weekend plans!!!!

– Ania