Again, work flew by!  A busy combination of work and interesting side convos…….seeing recent pictures of Shea posted today made me specifically think of this one:

My coworker and I ended talking about pets, then dogs, and then beastly dogs, therefore Shea came up naturally and dominated the conversation haha.  (Casey – I do love that dog no matter how pyscho it is lol).   We continued to talk about our love for 80 pounds of slobber and affection, and then gradually about his pet parrot named Baxter who is like a member of their family……it mimics his wife, proclaims his love for my coworker constantly, comments to television shows, and yes the bird can order a pizza……yes, interesting tangents at work.

Spin was fab, my instructor today was a tattooed, huge silver hoop earring wearing, version of Jillian Micahels, however she rocked the class.  I love leaving spin class drenched in sweat, and then seeing one of many punks who think they are hot stuff (most likely on roids)  casually riding a bike in their Timberland boots.  Yeah, clearly I don’t know what else to say to that.

Again, dinner when I came back late was naturally picking at things as I created breakfast and lunch.  I am loving these breakfast cookie creations!  I first read about them I believe at Fitnessista’s blog:


They are sooooo convenient to make the night before and have ready to grab for breakfast the next morning before work.  I follow the above recipe (on Fitnesssista’s website), except I have been substituting ground flaxseed for the protein powder, just because that is what I currently have on hand.  Either way……end result is delicious!  


The combo being mashed up:



The combo being flattened onto a small plate……and this is when I literally lick the bowl clean spotless (not kidding whatsoever)…mmmmmmmm…..



Covered, in the frig, and ready for tomorrow morning! : ) 



So, tomorrows lunch – spinach wrap with hummus, cucumbers, and beets; cherry tomatoes and more cuc on the side, and cheddar cheese.  




And pre-spin night class fuel – A mixture of plain Trader O’s, some raisins, and a hunk of TJ chocolate! : ) IMG_1222

Shower time and perhaps some nighttime reading:



Yes, a Nicholas Sparks novel!  Clearly, I am a girly girl (although let me clarify, not one of those obnoxious girly girls that “like…talks like…this like…. 24/7….and doesn’t know what it means to break a sweat at the gym, but who’s life rather revolves around a broken nail”……yeah, I am more “I love pink, romantic comedies, and a plethora of kisses girly girl”…..ok now that we are clear lol) and Nicholas Sparks is an amazinggggg author.  I guess it turned out to be a good thing he was injured from running and therefore had the free time to write his first book!  (If that is the true story!)  I started this book well over two months ago, read about 80% in about two days, and for who knows what reason have not returned to finish it.  It really is a great, quick read…..I am determined to finish it soon! 


However, what may postpone that….is my other recent read:



Ok….before you say anything…..this book is absolutely great and so true…. and absolutely hilarious!!!  This choice in read has nothing to do with my past or current relationship status like anyone would most likely assume….however, going back to my unemployment days (I speak as if it was so long ago – anything between December and up to three weeks ago lol) my mom and I watched the Oprah show when Steve Harvey was a guest and promoting this book.  I could not stop laughing and almost peed my pants like 485908 times.   Due to my mom working at the town library = dibs on new books and no late fees!!!…….my mom surprised me with the book when she came recently to visit.  Anyways, if you want to laugh and almost pee your pants, or possibly pee your pants, read this.  

On that note, goodnight!  : )


– Ania