Sooo like I said last night, I had to get up at three this morning to send something for work…3 am on the dot.  Not a problem, wake up, hit send, go back to bed.  Naturally I woke up at 2:35ish to pee (again, like I said would happen) and figured I would stay up until 3 am, seeing that I had set my alarm for 2:45 anyways.  3 AM rolls around, I do what I gotta do, and then go instantly back into bed, obviously exhausted and wanting to go back to sleep.  HOWEVER, I can’t for someeee reason fall back asleep.  3:30, 4, 4:30, then 5 AM rolls around, and I am stilllll trying to fall back asleep. At this point I have tried everything: counting from to a 100, counting from a 100, reading, my eyemask, lathering myself in lavender lotion, a warm beverage, etc….NOTHING HELPED!  : (   And, I don’t know if it was just me, but the birds were extraaaaaa chirpy outside the window, probably because they knew I was trying to fall back asleep lol.  Anyways, by 5 AM, I was so fed up, and I figured if I DID happen to fall asleep at that point, it would so short before waking up for work that it would probably just make me feel worse.  So I went to the gym, where I had just been about 8 hours ago.  I figured I’d go since I was awake and had time, rather than wait until nighttime like planned knowing I would especially feel super exhausted.  It’s nice that it’s just 8pm now, and all I have to do is shower and pass out as early as I can/want….which I hope is soon.  I hate to vent about sleep all the time recently, but does anyone else notice this horrible sleep trend that I seem to have adapted!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!  Maybe I am an insomniac!!! 

So initially at work I was quite hyper probably due to my state of over exhaustion, and I gradually faded to zombie mode.  I didn’t even bother past one cup of coffee, figuring it was only a temporary fix that would lead me to crash eventually lol.  It was a really long day, just put it that way.  

Anyways, I came home and had dinner (a simple salad with a Wasa cracker, and later a little organic flax cereal mixed with vanilla probiotic yogurt and a piece of my TJ chocolate bar which is delicious by the way…of course it would be….it’s chocolate and it’s from Trader Joes…duh).

I found energy deep within to pack my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow… due to the thought of creating another breakfast cookie! My last one came out sooo good!  I’ll be making these often for sure!

This one I combined:   .5 cup of oats, scoop of flax, packet of Stevia, cinnamon, tbs. of PB, some cranberries, and less than .25 of Almond Breeze:



And lunch tomorrow: same sandwich (spelt with salmon and hummus, no spinach this time), cherry tomatoes, and a cheese stick hiding in there.  Raisins and a nana for pre spin class tomorrow night.  



Ok, goal time: be in bed by 10.  See ya!

– Ania