Since finding a job, I am now counting down the days until I can no longer label myself as “unemployed”, as well as go to sleep at 2am, wake up past 9am, and wear pajamas for 75% of the day. Yes, that’s right, in just five short days I’ll be joining the rest of the working world – feuling myself on coffee, dressing in my “business-casual” best, and shlepping myself from my cozy bed in Brooklyn to the dirty yet glamorous streets of Manhattan.

I don’t know how much into detail I can/should go about the job I’ll be doing, but I will say it’s with an important New York Department and I’ll be making a decent salary (in college-student terms) answering phones, filing, doing data entry, and basically (simple?) clerical duties. Let’s hope it works out well and I don’t screw up at my job a fraction as bad as Elliot Spitzer did his. (I think I’m safe seeing as high-priced call girls are not really my thing).

Anyways, on to the most important aspect of today: lunch. On Monday, I went to lunch with my mom at the Oak Wine Bar and Cafe, an extremely small but amazing little restaurant located a block away from my house. I ordered a Goat Cheese and Summer Vegetables Panini. It came on the most heavenly toasted baguette that I’m pretty sure Jesus himself delivered to Williamsburg. Anyway,  since then I have been CRAVING warm, crunchy, soft, toasted bread and I decided I would create my own panini today.

Bring in the ingredients! 1/5 of a thin baguette, salt, pepper, and EVOO.

jun17 001

First I “seasoned” the bread with the above mentioned ingredients…

jun17 002

Then I toasted it in the oven on approximately 400* for about 3-4 minutes.

jun17 004I got antsy during those 3-4 minutes (as I usually do no matter what I am in the process of doing) and gave the end of the baguette that the cashier at the supermarket put all over the germ-filled counter so generously to Shea.

She proceeded to eat it like a proper lady.

jun17 003

After it was nice and toasty (and I had to struggle with myself not to take a huge bite into it), I spread about 2tbsp of Friendship’s 1% Milkfat Cottage Cheese. (This imitated the delectable goat cheese from Monday’s panini at the Oak).

jun17 005

I then layered on two slices of Boar’s Head Thinly Sliced Ham.

jun17 006

And topped it all off with a small slice of Reduced Fat Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese.

jun17 007

It all went back into the oven, almost accompanied by Shea as well, as she attempted to steal this heavenly creation – and heaven is right where she would be headed (actually, that is questionable) if she had succeeded.

jun17 008

How scrumptious does that look? Probably more scrumptious that Taylor Lautner in the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon.


Don’t worry Mark – wolfy boy ain’t got nothin’ on you. Except money and fame. But I’d choose you any day 😉

And in addition to my delightful panini – what else – a yummy mixed green salad with fresh red peppers, sliced strawberry, a sprinkle of craisins, and EVOO + BALS.

jun17 009

Everything all together…

jun17 010

This probably the BEST sandwich I’ve ever created – no joke. I enjoyed it immensely and plan on making a few more paninis this week/weekend as long as the baguette holds up!

To be completely honest – I needed something to include in this title that rhymed with Proper Lady – so I completely fabricated the following picture in order to do so.


After lunch,  (and after completely demolishing the poor piece of baguette) Shea was feeling very humid and decided to go onto the porch in search of somewhere shady.

Have a nice night 🙂

– Casey