Sorry I pretty much fell off the face of the earth after my last post about my hopeless job-search.  But I’m back now with some big, job-related news. We’ll save that for last though, just to keep everyone in suspense.

This past weekend whirled by, and before you know it, it was Sunday. We wanted to do something fun with Mark’s nephews, and we were thinking of the beach, but the less-than-stellar weather convinced us to plan otherwise. We ended up at…

zoo 001

Yup, that’s right – we decided to hit up J’ Lo’s old “hood” and went to the boogy-down Bronx to check out some lions, tigers, and bears OH MY! We went here almost two whole years ago with Mark’s oldest nephew, Mikey – he was just about 3 years old at the time and pretty soon he’ll be 5! I seriously can’t believe how fast time seems to be going.

Here’s a pic of Mark and Mikey from two years ago…


And here’s one from this year…

zoo 027

I can’t believe how much older he looks! He can even use the potty all by himself now!   I’m so proud of Mark.

And I can’t forget Seany-boy, the most violent 3-year-old I know, whom also happens to be the most sensitive and caring 3-year-old I know. And I know a lot of 3 year olds.

zoo 007

Look at the guns on this kid. He has future Anold Schwarzenegger written all over him – minus the steroids, stupidity,  extremely annoying accent, and the whole governor of California thing.

Oh, I guess I should introduce the woman whom these adorable monsters came out of…

zoo 006

And trust me, I know they came out of her. She is very open about all things pertaining to her private parts, and after the birth of her third child, Nicholas, I am now pretty sure I’ve seen everything. You can’t see her face in this picture, but that is because she was trying to return Mikey to his original parents – chimpanzees.

We saw a bunch of cool birds…

zoo 005

Some silly fish…

zoo 009

We went on the Bronx Zoo Monorail…

zoo 017

Where Sean tried picking up this cutie…

zoo 012

And Mark tried pickin’ up a hottie as well…

zoo 019

What can I say? She resembled me. (Especially the dirty, hairy back).

There were also turtle-shell rides…

zoo 055

And rides on the carousel…

zoo 063

zoo 030

Holy moly!

And when I tired of taking pictures of the two angels and the animals…

zoo 056zoo 058

Unfortunately I was unable to take a picture of my own behind – people were looking at me strangely enough as I lurked behind Mark and Steph taking these pics.

All in all, we had a great day, and within 2 minutes of getting back in the car, I looked to my left and saw this…

zoo 065

I’m pretty sure we were all that exhausted! I believe 5 minutes after this, Mark was curled up into a ball sucking his thumb in the front seat.

That night for dinner, we made quite an interesting, thrown-together assortment.

zoo 069Lean hamburgers with one slice low-fat swiss cheese, a mixed green salad, and delicious, delicious, delicious Trader Joe’s pierogis – boiled then lightly browned in EVOO. I cannot even explain how yummy they were! Mark is in love – and it’s not with me. (Or the hefty chick he met at the zoo).

The funniest line came after dinner when we had this conversation…

Me: So, since I did the dishes for like, the past, thousand nights in a row, it’s your turn right?

Ungrateful: Yes, sweetheart. But Im not going to do them right away. I can leave them for a little bit.

Me: Oh, well, okay… fine then. But you really need to clean the George Foreman ASAP because that thing gets nasty.



Wow. I really just don’t know what to say about that. He not only got extremely passionate about a cooking applicance, but he basically became a one-man advertisement for George Foreman. Did he realize he sounded like one of those terrible, unconvincing actors on T.V. at 2 am, who talk about how a revolutionary product is going to change your life? I think it’s been a long week for him.

In other news, I start work Monday.  =)

– Case

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