Whewwwww!  I had a longer workday today, but it only seemed like an hour!  I guess that’s a good thing – I’m not going to complain!!!  There was a lot to do, and still is, I anticipate the rest of the work week being just as crazy.  Unfortunately, no Doublescoop get together happened today for lunch : (  due to being swamped and Casey potentially getting a job!!! Whohooooooo!  : )   As I said work flew right into spin class – which was awesome and hotttttttttttttttttt in thereeeeeee!  Cannot emphasize that enough.  I came out drenched.  Very attractive. lol  Well, naturally due to the late hour, dinner was me picking at random things as I prepared breakfast and lunch for tomorrow:

Breakfast:  Oats, raisins, cinnamon, flaxseed, and stevia, ready to make tomorrow morning


And for lunch….no wrap….no salad…..what could it be?!?!   Something different?!  Yeah, a sandwich.  But, a delicious one!  : )  Organic spelt bread, hummus, salmon, and spinach….mmmmm.  Andddd, a nanner with TJ PB!


PS:  Replenished Flaxseedddddd to the Tippy Top!  : )  (Make sure you keep flax in the frig in an opaque container!)


Alright, well I need to shower and hop into bed for my 3 AM work date. (I have to say I did semi volunteer to do this, but hey it is the career I chose – gotta do what you gotta do!) Yes, I have a very important date with Microsoft Outlook at 3 AM for work – an important release being sent out 8 AM UK time = must be sent out 3AM US time…..seeing that I pee about 4583908539 times a night, waking up shouldn’t be a problem… how focused and oriented I’ll be…..barely……good thing I have the thing ready to go….all that’s left is CLICK! SEND! ….followed by falling back into bed literally half a foot away from the computer, and another busy workday & spin class tomorrow!  


– Ania