Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! : )   Back to work tomorrow…..staff meeting = earlier than normal.  Going to bed soon.  I definitely crashed by the end of last week due to a lack of sleep.  

Well, here are some of the weekend’s food recaps: I woke up Saturday, unfortunately pretty early, and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Initially I felt OK, and then worse as the morning progressed.  I was a little stuffy, and noticed my eyes were really irritated.  Anyways, I went to the gym, realizing I had zero energy when I got there, and felt like I was getting sick and couldn’t keep my eyes open they were tearing up so much.  I came home a little while later and instantly sliced up two oranges for that Vitamin C!!!!  Then I fixed a lovely concoction of oats, cinnamon, cranberries, and Stevia (natural plant based sweetener).






I felt semi-stuffy for the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, Angelica’s fell through, but I’m looking forward to going there soon!  Other plans fell through too, however that probably was a good thing seeing that my body continued to rebel and crashed at 10:51 pm (last time burning eyes saw clock)…..and the next time they saw the clock, it was around 9 AM.  So, looks like my body was trying to tell me something!  I felt much better today.  I went to spin class and afterwards made this wrap:  TJ’s spinach wrap, two cage free eggs scrambled, spinach, and hot sauce……I felt like Popeye eating it……iron and protein!!!




Lastly, I realized that I needed more flaxseed.  Rather than going to the organic store around the corner, I decided to take a trip to heaven in Union Square (aka: Trader Joes).  I figured I had plenty of time to take a trip and I could walk around Union Square since it was so nice out, and plus the flaxseed would probably be half the price.  Again, my intention was to walk away with this, flaxseed, and flaxseed only (I didn’t need anything else!) :



INSTEAD…..I walked away with all this!  (Casey I know, I know!  I see you shaking your head right now, saying she should have known better……I should have!…..there is noooooo way you can leave TJ with just one item….utterly impossible….I’m impressed with myself that I didn’t walk away with more!):




Soooo, in addition to my flaxseed, I got bananas, lemons, hummus, salmon, greens, tomatoes, green beans, cheddar cheese sticks, organic spelt bread, peanut butter of course!, tuscan balsamic salad dressing (they were out of cilantro!!!), Almond Breeze (which I’m anxious to try), the awesome Organic Flax cereal (even though I still have plenty of cereal from TJ trip two weeks ago!  See I saw it, so I grabbed it!), and finally an organic chocolate bar by TJ, which I completely and randomly grabbed while I was ready to pay due to an overwhelming chocolate craving that I could not battle. 

All in all, a bunch of yummy goodness!  : )

I didn’t taste the Almond Breeze by itself yet, but I did use a tad for my breakfast tomorrow, my first “breakfast cookie!”  I’ve seen this creation on various other blogs and it looks delicious, so I made mine tonight for tomorrow!  Oats, scoop of flax instead of protein powder, tablespoon of  peanut butter, half an overripe banana, cinnamon, and a littttle bit of Almond Breeze……mixed, flattened out onto a small plate, covered and sitting in the frig overnight to harden, and ready for tomorrow morning!   : )   



And lunch for tomorrow:  Yes I knowwww another salad, but salads are sooo convenient and you can always make them different.  Tomorrow:  greens, carrots, almonds, cheddar cheese, flax, and lite parmesan dressing……with yes Wasa crackers and hummus on the side, with my box of raisins before spin class tomorrow night.


Rumor has it my other blogger half will possibly be meeting me for lunch tomorrow in Bryant Park!  : )  Hopefully it will be nice out (aka: not raining), and hopefully my workload won’t be insane!!!

Alrighty, going to bed…..I mean doing a million little things…..and then going to bed!  Later!


– Ania