Hellooo, or should I say goodnight in a few minutes!  

I slept pretty solid for once last night, but ehh too short to feel fully rested.  I had my 6:30 AM spin class with my favorite instructor….so it was awesome!   Great workout to the start of a great day, until I slammed my thumb in the frig door at work (how I managed to do that?!? idk I’m clumsy so I guess things like this are not uncommon lol). Work flew by initially, but by 3ish or so I hit the wall and lost all remaining energy.  So coffee #2.  Again, ever since I started working, I’m chugging coffee…..and I don’t want to become addicted to it like some people  (mom! haha ).  But I must say our coffee is actually really good (in my opinion), and that doesn’t help me to stay away from it!

Not to be repetitive, but I had a delicious salad for lunch again (greens, flax, cilantro dressing, almonds, carrots, tuna, and parm cheese), and Wasa crackers with hummus.


PS:  This afternoon was the first in what seemed like foreverrrrrrrr that it wasn’t raining!!!  FINALLY!!! I met up with my friend Lindsey : ) at Bryant Park and hung out for a couple hours/caught up!  She was up since 4:30 to see the Jonas Brothers preform hahahahaha (love her).  I headed home after awhile, and finally inhaled dinner which was a random assortment of things/snacks due to A.) being really hungry when I finally got home and B.) impatience to make a solid dinner lol.  Satisfied, I actually gained a second wind and despite it being 9 pm I decided to walk to the park.  I’ve been to Astoria Park numerous times, but was told I haveeee to go at night cause it’s an awesome view when all the bridges are lit.  So, I headed on down with my camera to document this fantastic imagery and of course……


Of courseeee.


Anyways, the track was hoppinnnnn with peeps and I ended up chillin at the park till 11 or so, walking laps/talking on the phone until they decided to shut off all the lights….and it got creepy jk, jk. 

IMG_1194Oh!  Perhaps you can spot one of the unlit bridges!


Well, I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrowww!  And Angelicas!!!!!!  : )   Shower time and bed!

– Ania