Helllo againnn!

So despite getting no sleep once again, I actually felt really energized after 6AM spin……that is until about 3pm lol.  The fact that the entire office is an ice box kept me awake, and of course coffee.  Seriously it’s soooo cold!!!  The hair grew back on my legs….and I shaved this morning.  Work went well, then I headed straight for Verizon to get a new phone.  After a long wait despite nobodyyyy being in the store and about 548934570384750 attempts by the salesperson to rip me off with various services and accessories I don’t need, I got my new phone….I think it’s called the EnV or something like that….who knows…..it works, I guess its cool, whatev!



So finally I got home and wanted a quick fix dinner so I pulled out this Kashi baby:



Hmmm ….. I don’t want to say this…..especially with Kashi which I love, but I was disappointed.  It was OK.  I don’t really know what else to say. Boo. Added a yummy nectarine and Wasa cracker with TJ Blackberry jam for dessert.

And again since being employed, I have to do pack and do things much beforehand to avoid running late, which I seem to flirt with a lot….here is bfast and lunch for tomorrowwww….

Bfast:  Cup of the organic flaxseed cereal from TJ and a kiwi that has been sitting in the frig hangin’ out for forever (its still good though lol)


And lunch…

A simple salad (greens, flax, cilantro dressing, carrots, cucumbers) and Wasa crackers with Jalepeno hummus…..and a box of raisins to tide me over for spin class tomorrow night, which I plan on going to bed asap afterwards, cuz I need to catch some more sleep!  


Like I said, I need more sleep….. so Polly’s yoga for digestion here I come, shower, and calling it a nightttttt!  See you muchhh later!!! : ) 

– Ania