I know today is Tuesday and it’s almost over, and probably will be Wednesday by the time I finish typinggg….but I’m going to refer back to Monday night lol…

First awesome cooking by Mark and Casey, and Jay – awesome job at being late – love the consistency lol.  

Also, I must mention that we saw the movie Hangover last night…..sooooo funnnyyy!  Those movies are hit or miss with me, and I found this one hysterical!!!!  

Another note regarding last night…….intenseeee thunderstorms!  So between coming home late from the movie (although well worth it!), getting stuff ready for work, showering, inability to fall asleep, and the fear of lightening coming through my window and zapping me = butcheredddd/minimal sleep.  However, I felt so energized today, very strange.  Despite getting absolutely soaked this morning and my cell phone having a personality disorder (aka…not working, working, semi working, working, completely dead = must get new phone asap!), the work day went by fast and I caught an awesome spin class when I got home.  

Then when I got home I created this masterpiece!






Clearly, like previously mentioned , I’m such a dork – and I love it!   This was my post workout/dinner of the day!!! The days when I do evening spin class right after work, I don’t have time to eat dinner, and don’t have the appetite for a normal dinner when I get home so much later.  I did fuel up with a Carrot Cake Clif Bar towards the end of the workday/before workout (which by the way is a delic flavor).  But artistic masterpiece – I think I enjoyed making it more than eating it lol.  Carrots and hummus for the hair, nectarines for the eyes, prunes for the nose, and cheddar cheese for the mouth!  Brillant!  Clearly, Da Vinci and those guys could not compete with me.  

So tonight I continue my streak of no sleep, by A.) Still be awake, and B.) Getting up for 6 AM spin class (yesss I don’t feel like getting up – but I’ve noticed the extremely early AM spin classes really energize me for the day! until I crash later this week lol)  So with that said, I already made my bfast and lunchhhh for hump day….ChEcK iT OuT:





I just got this new cereal from Trader Joe’s….loveeee it!   Of course perfect combo with TJ PB and a bananaaaaa.




Lunch:  A fiber Wasa cracker and some onion/garlic brown rice crisps, and this second masterpiece:  greens, carrots, almonds, flaxseed, cheddar cheese chunks, raisins, and TJ Cilantro dressing……can’t waittt for lunchhhhhhh!  And can’t wait to get a new phoneeee……..And can’t wait to crash into bed at like 8pm tomorrowwwwww!!!!!….I say that now, but it won’t happen lol.

Have a good one!  : ) 

And why in the world are there chirping birds outside my window at midnight?!?!!?  Excellentttt……


– Ania