Tonight Mark decided to make tacos and invite over Ania and our friend Jason. First and foremost, I would like to start by saying that, Jason was late. An hour and a half late.


Text Messaging with Jason Earlier in the Day

Jason: Im definitely cominggg. What time should I be there?

Me: Ok awesome. Ania should be there around 6.

Jason: Okay Ill be there at 7.

Jason showed up at 8:30. (Late.)

We typically do Taco Tuesday’s but we decided to go a little crazy and move it to Monday instead – and boy was it CRAZY..


You can just sense the amusement and bewilderment in Patrick’s eyes when he saw this…



Yes, this is me being extremely mature. I believe the words Mark used when he saw Ania taking this picture of me were, “You put that online and I’m breaking up with you”. After a quick conference with Patrick, we decided I didn’t need to worry about this threat. Clearly.




While Jason concentrated extremely hard on serving himself salad. Did I mention Jason was an hour and a half late? The reason he was having a hard time was probably because he was so late that the salad got soggy and was therefore difficult to pick up. Guess next time he should be on time, you know, to avoid this problem.




Here’s Ania, probably explaining to Jason how she managed to be on time.




Everyone was clearly in need of some alcoholic beverages at this point and Mark popped open a bottle of red. I would also like to point out Jason stealing Mark’s glass of Green Tea. 




Jason was extremely happy to be eating!!




I was too, after waiting hours for his arrival. I was so famished I took a bite before taking a picture. Good thing Ania remembered, or else you would be looking at a picture of a lonely green plate. 

On the menu was – Extra Lean Turkey tacos with Trader Joe’s tortillas and shredded lettuce, as well as some Near East Mexican Rice.



And some delightful salad compliments of Casey (and chopped apple contributions of Ania).

It was very very yummy – Mark did a great job, even though we almost broke up and he almost kicked me out of the apartment when I took this picture…




Notice his hand gesturing towards me in a very frustrated manner. He explained that he was “just so starving” and all he wanted to do was eat and my picture-taking was clearly distracting him from doing so. It’s funny because I thought the reason none of us couldn’t eat for so long was because Jason wasn’t there. Hm.




Here’s Ania’s plate with some yummy salad on the side. Multiply the salad bowls by like, 15, for both of us.




As if my lovely picture posing with the bowls wasn’t enough for the Inappropriate Picture Quotient, we took a picture of Mark’s butt lack of a butt. Except –  a mere picture was not enough…




In her attempt to “grab” Mark’s tush, Ania was caught in the act. Ania was ashamed. Mark was flattered. I pretended I didn’t know what was going on. Jason was late.  Patrick rolled his eyes at all of us.




All in all, it was a wonderful night. Healthy food, a little wine, and great friends (one being time-challenged and one being ass-less) made quite an enjoyable evening. 

I’m tired, and also currently still unemployed, and therefore have quite a busy, exciting, jam-packed day  absolutely nothing going on tomorrow.  Therefore, look out for MCDONALD’S ICED COFFEE PART 2: RETURN TO THE DRIVE-THRU!, coming to a blog near you, tomorrow at any point, because if I haven’t mentioned, I don’t have any plans.