Yay for it being Friday! : )

After a 6:30 am spin class, quickest shower ever, cut shaving (excellenttttt), sprint to the subway in the rain, of course the unavoidable subway train traffic/delays, sprint up the stairs out of Grand Central…across the street…into my office building….up 21 floors (by elevator lol), quick sprint through the hallway, struggle to open the door with the five billion things I was holding (one being a dripping umbrella – I HATE wet umbrellas), into my office, plopping into my chair….I’d like to say good morning! : )

I’ve also just chuggeed two cups of coffee which is not quite typical of me, so I feel pretty wired! Plus, a pretty amazing breakfast…..no picture sorry! …. but here’s the formula:

.5 cups Trader Joe’s organic banana lowfat vanilla yogurt + a small handful of Trader Joe’s whole grain chocolate filled cereal bites + half a banana + a couple of prunes (call me grandma – see if I care lol) + sprinkle of flaxseed = YUM!

Alrighty, back to work! Have a good one! Catch ya lata! : )

– Ania