Hey heyyyyy…….

Tuesday night here…my first week of work it going well  : )   Interesting clients, really nice coworkers, I have my OWN office with my OWN view (right at another building), but still!…. I’m not in a cubicle like one would imagine I would be!  

Excuse me if my first posts are a tad lame, being unemployed for awhile, I forgot how busy life can really get when you become part of the working world lol.  Plus, this new schedule of working and then working out has really messed up my appetite, when I eat, and unfortunately (I’m going to say this cause I could care less and I talk about it 24/7 when I’m having issues – which seems like always despite doing everything possible recommended to have good BMs), my pooping.  GIRLS POOP.  Okay, anyways, hopefully this issue will resolve itself soon, so I don’t continue to vent about it and continue to gross you out haha.    

Tomorrow is Hump Dayyy!  Hopefully this week Casey and I will unite (dun dun dunnnnnnn!) and cause some ruckus, I mean go on an adventure…..to Angelicas Kitchen – an organic restaurant we are definitely going to sometime soon!  Speaking of adventures…..I must say Casey you are keeping me reallyyyy entertained and LOLing with your posts!!! 

But….I have to do what seems like 4583489053 things before bed, and must get up earlier tomorrow to head into work a tad earlier, so I g2g, but I did make my lunch already!…..so here is myyyy “Wednesday Wrap!”

Spinach wrap from Trader Joe’s with various greens, mushrooms, tomato bruschetta, and a little Trader Joes cilantro dressing!!!!  And of course baby carrots.  



Yummy!  Have a good dayyyyyyyy!  : )   Catch ya later!