June 2009

So, I’m finally back – please excuse the absence – you see, somebody stole my camera needed to use the camera that is actually his that I claimed ownership of.  To take pictures like this…

citifield 063

Apparently he came across a human corpse covered in inner tubes at some point.

Anyways – here is some of what happened before the electronic heist…

Mark and I watched the boys on Friday night – yes, while most people our age were pre-gaming and putting on their Friday night finest…

citifield 011

We were in our tent made out of sheets and blankets, dressed in PJS, watching Transformers. And we loved it. The boys decided to have a little photo shoot. You would think there was lightning coming from the tent with the non-stop flashes illuminating the basement…

citifield 016

citifield 017

Notice creeper in background. I would make a Michael Jackson joke, but totally not appropriate.

citifield 027

Sean channeling his inner-Bruno.

citifield 030


While Mikey made sure there was absolutely no popcorn left for anybody else…

citifield 039

I think it’s safe to say both boys were exhausted and went to bed after only 9 books were read, Uncle Mark was punched in the face 6 times, and they screamed CASE-O! CASE-O! repeatedly.

The following night, to make up for our traumatic Friday since he was feeling artistic, Mark decided to make a new recipe he found on the Cooking Light website…

citifield 041

Pork loin with covered served along side healthy mashed potatoes and the obligatory side salad. Sorry for the unattractive picture with the chewed-into meat, but the lighting in the others was not so yummy.

There is much more coming – including an exciting birthday celebration that I will be posting tomorrow morning! Here’s a preview…

citifield 042

Yup, that’s a HEALTHY homemade birthday cake in that oven…

‘Til tomorrow!

– Case


Ohhh mannnnn….today was notttt my day, right from the very start – 12 am when I basically went to bed – or attemptedddd to go to bed.  I didn’t fall asleep until………..never.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was so excited to be in bed somewhat early…….and instead of getting extra sleep…..I watched every hour roll by.  I know I’ve vented about this before…….but what frustrates me is that I am physically and mentally tired when it gets to the end of the day…..and I simply just don’t get what is wrong with me when it comes to falling asleep.  I’m soo jealous of all you who can put your head down and pass out for a nap if you wanted to.  Not fair!  And of course, it seemed as if the birds were extraaaa noisy, and my ceiling fan started to make an obnoxious sound every time it rotates a couple days ago – so of course all I did was pay attention to that lol.  So after trying to fall asleep for about 5 hours…..I got up and when back to the gym right when it opened.  Of course once I get on the machine…..I realize that I brought my Ipod, but no head phones…..great.  Somehow I manage to have a good workout without sleep or music to keep me energized lol.  Too bad there wasn’t a spin class offered early this morning.  I came home from the gym and got ready and thought hmmm at least I have a cute outfit on….including these cute buckle suede flats…….which come walking to my office building my ankles are ready to gush from the blisters they gave me!  : (    Excellent start so far right?! lol

Workload was a lot today which of course meant inhaling lunch while working, and a massive headache all day from a lack of sleep.  I definitely was in my own little zombie world.  I finally left work and of course it started to rain – the one day I leave my umbrella at home!!!!!! I have been carrying that sucker everyyyyywhereeeeeee, except today.  So of course I walked home in the rain, and my new suede flats got wet. : (

That was the theme of the day……little things that are a pain in the butt!  But I hate complainers (just to clarify I am not whining/complaining here!…..simply just expressing my day – trust me! lol) and pessimism, so I tried to have a positive attitude – I did get my first paycheck!!!!  and I just missed a complete downpour once I stepped inside the door…..the rain got 458945809 times heavier.  Looking at the big picture…..I guess it’s just best to laugh it off!  

I wish I was at someones bday party nowwww : (  It just that I really am going to relax and go to bed really early – because I have to wake up at three AM to do something for work, and I’m fearing there is a chance that I won’t be able to go back to bed again – but enough of that awful thought!  I WILL GO BACK TO SLEEP…..I WILL GO BACK TO SLEEP…..I WILL GO BACK TO SLEEP……

I hope everyone’s day was better!  What are your remedies for not being able to fall asleep – pleaseeeee tell me – I have tried everythinggggggggggggggggg!

Anyways, I came home and made a quick dinner:  A mixture of broc, carrots, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, and white navy beans, which I covered with a light coating of TJ tomato sauce……and a Wasa cracker….


And a big chunk of extra sharp cheddar – funny I used to HATE cheese, but I actually have grown to really like some specific kinds – almost crave them!…..even though I can’t digest cheese too well – gotta make a sacrifice sometimes lol.



And another Wasa cracker with TJ blackberry jam for dessert:


Far from an extravagant dinner, but it was quick and hit the spot.


For breakfast tomorrow I pre-made a combo of vanilla probiotic yogurt, flaxseed, sliced strawberries, and a nana to be added:


And for lunch:  Some leftover veggies & raw carrot chunks, a yummy looking red plum, and two Wasa cracker – peanut butter “sandwiches”:

Okie dokie……I’m looking forward to a much “smoother” day tomorrow.   


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAST!  Clean out a jar of peanut butter for me!  : ) 


– Ania

Making this short, cuz I want to go to bed early lol.  Apparently, there was a fireworks show at the park which I would be able to clearly see out of my window, if it wasn’t for a huge tree – thanks tree, thanks.  Anyways, I ended up going to spin class tonight because I didn’t want to risk being late for my staff meeting – which of course ended up being pushed a couple hours later.  Of course, of course lol.  I guess I’ll look at it positively that I got an extra hour of sleep.  The blueberry Chobani that I had for breakfast was pretty good…..initially I thought it was to thick, but I grew to like it.  I give this particular flavor an A –

Work was busy and went by fast.  A huge plus of having my own office = being able to play country music off Pandora all afternoon!!!!  : ) 

Tonight’s spin went well – however they need to fix the fans in the spin room because it is literally 34580958 degrees in there.  Speaking of fans, my million piece fan is still scattered on the floor and I don’t have motivation to deal with it…hopefully tonight won’t be too sticky!  

Well quickly….for tomorrow’s breakfast I packed a cup of this new cereal with a banana and a splash of skim to be added from the office’s milk:

IMG_1392I tried a dry handful as I opened the box, and I think it is a little too sweet……overall its a yummy cereal and has good texture, but they could have backed off on the sugar maybe……hopefully with the little milk and nana the sweetness of the cereal won’t be too significant….


And for lunch I rapidly  and randomly packed some celery sticks and carrot sticks with a scoop of hummus, along with a couple surviving strawberries…..a golden delicious apple (my fav!), a PB Nature Valley bar, and a box of raisins for a later snack.IMG_1393


Well like I said, I’m off to shower and bedddddd.  Rumor has it there may be a birthday party happening tomorrow for a special someone?!?!?  Stay tunedddddd! ; ) 


– Ania



Finally a GORGEOUS weekend, and of course it flew byyyy, but hey it’s a short work week due to the upcoming holiday weekend!  : )   Now where to start with Saturday…….hmmmmm ; )


Well, spin was great, and I HAD TO get outside and soak up the sun, so  a walk to the park it was!  And then…..the shenanigans started!


Saturday evening, I joined Casey and her fam at Casey’s cousins (Corey and Jake) joint graduation party at a restaurant in Long Island – the name which I can’t remember (Case help me out here lol).  We arrived and instantly helped ourselves to glasses of wine…. toasting to the fact that we got tickets for the Boson summit!!! : ) 


Then, we were bombarded by waiters insisting that we try a million different hordourves, so obviously we did!


                                                   Here, we had poppyseed and sesame seed covered chicken……

IMG_1305Hmmm…..interesting….it was pretty tasty…..however, it was a definite guarantee of seeds planting themselves in between your teeth…….CODE BLUE CODE BLUE!!!! hahahaha

There were also veggies, amazing slices of parmesan cheese, bread, slivers of pizza…..


Hahahaha…..Erin’s reaction to the pizza…..not sure whether it was a “Thank goodness pizza!” reaction, or “I can’t even look at it!” pizza reaction……..priceless pic though – sorry Erin! lol

But anyways, not done with the hor dourves………we also tried these babies – oysters that were reallly yummy, and some type of salmon concoction in a lettuce leaf – which was ehhh OK.




Then came out the appetizers, yes – appetizers after hor dourves -…….some type of ziti and mushroom ravioli…….both which looked reallyyyy tasty…..however to prevent landing ourselves in a food coma before real dinner was to be served, Casey and I split a ravioli and stopped there.  Instead we ventured to the bar to refill our wine glasses!  Much better idea! lol

In the midst of mingling and socializing, for some reason we ended up confiscating a 2 year old’s coloring book –


                                               It’s ok, our victim was luckily passed out……..cutie pie!    


So at this point the wine had clearly settled in…….despite multiple attempts to take a picture of the three of us……this was the best we managed:



Dinner orders were taken…..Case and I decided to share the shrimp diablo and some type of mushroom chicken dish….


Overall, the chicken was good (I enjoyed the sauce it was in), and the sausage also in there was pretty good….I’m not a huge meat eater so I guess my evaluation won’t get any more specific than that lol……

I liked the shrimp dish better……they were a little cold…….but clearly my facial reaction does the dish justice….


Then apparently……Doublescooped went on a photo shoot?!?!?


IMG_1344                                                                Yeah….I have nooooo ideaaaaaa…..hahahaha…..


And this might just be my favorite picture of all night:  Casey’s mom!!! hehehehe!  Sorry, I had to! : ) 


Another good pic!  Grandma and the grandchildren!



HOWEVER, I prefer the candid shot!  : )  Grandma is the only one ready to go!  


Then came dessert……..HEAVENLY!  There was fruit, and thissss FABULOUS arrangement of tiramisu, chocolate mousse like cake, and another delish chocolate cake, and ice cream under than brick of chocolate…..we had the whole plate to ourselves due to the fact our entire table happened to be MIA as dessert was served!  Too bad! Clearlyyyy we both tasted a little of each……



The wine/food + company was of course great.  But all the nights shenanigans can be contributed to this crazyyyyyy bartender………….crazy, out of his mind, drinks flying everywhere, I believe drunk himself lol…….bartender!




Ahhh the night could not be complete without this final pic:


Whoa, he better watch his hands there!!! hahaha

Overall, a very funnnn night…….that ended with an emergency bowl of Puffins to absorb the vino lol…and then bed.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it out to Relay for Life to see Mark, however I do want to hear all about this 2 AM Hairy Legs competition/game Mark……I am envisioning a bunch of guys who currently have smooth, hairless legs…..hmmmm….


This morning came quickly……Casey and I both resorted to toast with PB & jam and apple slices……especially after the encounter with the moldy TJ muffin – unfortunate.  Then I was off to go home, and Casey was off to bring the beast to it’s first obedience class, hope it worked out well! 


I must say I was parched when I got home and feeling pretty ehhhhhh lol, so I concocted something new and delicious!   POM cherry flavor diluted with cold water + ice cubes = perfection.  


Feeling reenergized, the rest of the day consisted of exciting laundry and a few other errands.  Also, I trip to the local grocery store to get oats turned into grocery shopping part 2 (in continuation of Friday’s pickups).  Now I must say my fridge and cabinets are stocked and I will be good for awhilllllllleeeeeeeeeeee.  Here are today’s random additions:


I did get a huge thing of oats + carrots + frozen veggies + lemons + bananas + Smart Balance PB + some sardines (they are good!),  + pink salmon + extra sharp cheddar + probiotic yogurt + Chobani greek yogurt (which I have yet to try!) + bran muffin mix + chocolate Almond Breeze + little container of skim milk + some supppper cheap Nature Valley Bars! (not pictured hmmmm??)


Then I ran around looking for a fan, because despite the lovely weekend, it was humid and sticky, and my ceiling fan and window areeeee not cutting it for me.  So I found this guy who read on the package “EASY ASSEMBLY!”…..ummmmm yeahhh…..I don’t think so…..until I find a screwdriver….this is how it will continue to look like:


Finally, I got to the gym where I did an elliptical type machine for 50 minutes with good resistance and incline, while watching the track and field championships on NBC…..I miss running  : ( 

Also finally, in addition to a couple other exercises, I was able to get in some boxing, because finallyyyyy there was no meathead hogging the heavy bag.  However, one of them did appear and clearly he was annoyed that I had just started but I definitely shooed him away……probably due to my itimidating hot pink boxing gloves which I have mentioned before:


For dinner…..I have been craving sweet potato “chips” after seeing the recipe over and over……so I washed, peeled, and cut up one of the yams I bought into circles and lightly sprayed them with PAM.  Then I coated them with a pinch of salt, brown sugar, and lots of cinnamon!



However, I lost track of time talking on the phone with my mom, ironically about what I was making, and realized my yams were done!   OVERDONE! : ( 


However, there were enough survivors for my yummy dinner!  In addition to these delicious surviving chips and ketchup, I had some leftover broc with flaxseed.  


Followed by dessert:  two Wasa crackers with a little PB and a small sliced nana : )



After cleaning up, I packed breakfast and lunch for tomorrow:

For breakfast…..a golden delicious apple with low fat blueberry Chobani yogurt.  I have yet to try Greek yogurt (I know, I know!) due to always buying/eating other probiotic yogurts, so I am excited to see what all this yummy Greek yogurt rave is all about!


And for lunch:  A cup of awesome looking strawberries, a slice of “Fitness Bread” with scallion hummus, some carrots, a hunk of cheddar, and a box of raisins:


And check out my cute little bag to carry all this stuff in (in comparison to the Victoria’s Secret bag I have been using haha)…..this one was only $1.00….I found it at Rite Aid out of all places:



Well, I really need to get going…..whewww that was quite the post!  I’m still debating whether to do spin at 6:30 am tomorrow or wait until night.  Meanwhile, I guess I’ll get back to the laundry I have yet to put away, or the fan that is sitting in a million pieces on my floor, or the other things that I still have to dooo!   I hope everyone had a FAB weekend!   Anything fun?!?!

Anddd….please do check back for Casey’s input/comments/always hilarious additions to this post, specifically regarding Sat. night! ; )  


Sweet Dreams!

– Ania 



A.) So happy that my back felt a lot better this morning at spin.  : ) 

B.)So happy that today is Friday (again, where did the week go!?!?), and I was able to leave work early.  Everyday was soooo busy and chaotic, until today.  I got all my work done and headed out around 4, when it was still sunny out!  Yes, I said sunny!  Can you believe it??!  (Well, don’t get too excited, you’ll see why, if you can’t already figure it out) 

I was contemplating going to TJ, but I was tired and figured I would do that on Sunday, or possibly if Casey was interested in making a trip this weekend.  Welllll…..on my walk back from the subway to my place, I ventured past a fruit and veggie stand/mini-store, and my mouth started to water.  Like I said,  I desperately needed to get some new groceries, and the only fruit that I have been eating lately are bananas, bananas, and more bananas, which I love – but I need something new!  Seeing all that fruit = me going in.  

And I did indeed walk out with a nice variety of produce!  

Strawberries, grapefruit, pears, yams, golden delicious apples, red plums, and my ULTIMATE FAVORITE FRUIT: NECTARINES!!! LOVE THEM!


I couldn’t help myself and gave right into a yummmmy nectarine once I walked through the door:


And I also ended up getting a couple other RANDOM goodies: Some more hummus (scallion – one of the only kinds I haven’t tried!), some beets, some pumpkin (I figured I could get creative with this!), some Wasa crackers (disappointed they didn’t have my fiber kind…oh well), and this yummy looking “Fitness Bread,” which is made of wheat germ, rye, and oats.  Oh, and the piece of Ritter chocolate that the cashier gave me for free when I was staring at them when being cashed out.  How nice! : ) 


I also banged out the new hummus with some snap peas as I was putting everything else away:


Not my favorite hummus flavor, but awesome nonetheless – I don’t  know when or where I developed this love for hummus, but I have been on quite the hummus kick this past year!

And for dinner, I was craving an omelet……..


Simple….just two cage free eggs and tons of broc….and hot sauce!



                                                                             It was delicious!  : )

And for dessert…..I had my Ritter chocolate!  Mmmmmmm!  It was heavenly  : ) 



Then I was disrupted by a huge rumble, not my stomach!……..




And cue the rain…….3……..2……..1……..


OF COURSEEEEEEEEE……another rainy day in NYC……what is going on?!?!?!?  This better NOT be foreshadowing of the weekend!!!!

On that note…..I hope everyone has an awesome weekend….any fun plans??!?!?

Well, I’m out!  I’m sure I’ll catch ya later!  : ) 

– Ania

Casey and I both got tickets to the Healthy Living Summit in Boston this year!  If you only could hear our phone conversation from 7:59 to about 8:10. Hahahaha…..Paypal complications for everyone = chaos.  In the end though, we are sooooooo pumped to have gotton 2 out of the 125 possible tickets!  Yay!  Definitely the highlight of my day!!!

Let’s just say we both were waiting for 8pm to roll around!  Luckily, it was another crazy busy workday, so 8pm came around realllllll quickly!  

My back was bothering me more than usual again today, so I took a longgg walk down and around the park and back, rather than an intense workout at the gym.  Fingers crossed that by tomorrow the pain will be back to minimal.  

Prior to my walk I had a thin slice of spelt with a little pb and TJ blackberry jam.  After my walk and a successful registration, I didn’t feel like making a legit dinner lol, so I had a quick veggie combo:  carrots, corn, green beans, lima beans, and flaxseed.  (I just realized this was quite similar to lunch – bean overload!  uh ohhhh!!!! jk jk lol)


And then I had a little TJ Granny Smith Granola cereal with Almond Breeze:



Well, yay for tomorrow being Fridayyyyyyyyy, and supposedly a gorgeous upcoming weekend!  FINALLY!  

For tomorrow’s breakfast I made an identical copy of todays:  another breakfast cookie: oats, flax, stevia, cinnamon, .5 a banana, tbs. of pb, and a tad Almond Breeze.    Sorry to be repetitive, but they are sooo convenient to make and so yummyyyyy! : )  I have to get new mix-ins/combos though!  


And for lunch: The same veggie combo as today minus the beans and cheese…so basically carrots, celery, and snap peas (AGAIN, I need to get some new groceries, sorry for the lame repeats! lolol)



And a cup of TJ Granny granola with some skim milk which I will seek out of the office’s refrigerator lol.  Yeah cereal for lunch and using the office’s milk clearly equals = upcoming grocery trip.  However, the cereal will definitely keep me fueled and full for the workday, thanks fiber : )


Alrighty, well I’m off to bed, and hope my back is good for spin tomorrow morning.  Casey hope to see you – hey possibly lunch?!?!  Bummer tonight didn’t happen – yeah you owe me …haha.  Don’t you dare pick on Sal and Christine, you hypocrite! lololol jk jk  

Ok, gotta go!  Lata! : ) 

– Ania

Today is technically my “Friday” at the office because tomorrow I have to head to the central office (again) for training all day. Yeah, that’s right, I’m using words like “the office” and “training” now. I’m officially a boring adult. =)

Sorry for no recap last night, I got home around 12 and was DONE. Here are a few pics from yesterday…

Yesterday’s  lunch..

citifield 001

Two TJ’s whole wheat wraps (they’re pretty small) with mashedMorningstar Farm’s Portabello Veggie Burger and a dollop of1% cottage cheese.

And a side salad

citifield 002

Shea Stadium Citifield

citifield 003

Inside the stadium, 7th inning

citifield 005

Sal and Christine – remember the flat-leavers from the night Mark and I were fearless protectors of the festival? Just kidding, we love them.

My favorite picture of Mark ever…

citifield 004

Doesn’t he look like a little boy?

And the happy couple…

citifield 007

Anyway, I did NOT photograph my food as I am still a little food-blog shy and did not feel like explaining to all  of our friends why I was taking pictures of food at a baseball game. I’m working on it though, I promise. My food blog confidence will be improved, otherwise I’ll have to start attending BA meetings. Bloggers Anonymous meeting, that is.

For the record, I had my leftover 1/2 of turkey and veggie sandwich from Tuesday and shared a small cup of carvel ice cream with Mark. It was perfect and I didn’t spend a crazy amount of money either.

Currently I’m enjoying this…

citifield 011

Two TJ’s Blueberry Waffles with a nice assortment of toppings: PB, Fage 0% (added later), and some diced strawberries and blackberries.

I need to start my day! Happy Thursday!!

– Case

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