Good morning!

I don’t even want to admit how much I slept last night – I didn’t know how much I slept was possible!!! lol But I do knowww my body clearlyyy needed it!

I’m headed off to the gym in a little, so for a light brunch I made one of the best combos ever: peanut butter and banana on mini slices of toast! With green tea as well……



A haircut and laundry are on my agenda today as well….. laundry – which I do not dread doing as much anymore because there is a washer/dryer on every floor of my building!!! whohoooo! I don’t have to haul my big loads of dirty clothes in the rain to the local laundromat to find the dryer did not work and my clothes are still soaking wet….yay!

On that note, I should get rolling……later!

What is your favorite food combo???



Hellooooo again!

It’s been quite awhile…..the past two or so weeks have been quite busy…… especially with my move!

Let me just tell you………I AM LOVINGGGGGG MY NEW PLACE!!!!! : ) It’s been amazing, and I feel so happy and grateful to have stumbled across this apartment!

This place truly feels like home!!!! : )

I have been sleeping like a rock and no longer am stressed & tense 24/7 like I was in my previous housing situation……I can honestly say I look forward to coming home – I absolutely love it and I finally have peace, space, and relaxation!!!! I cannot emphasize that enough!

I also had internet installed last week – so I am able to blog again : )

Here are some of the very first pics of my new place!

My cute kitchen!


Spacious living/sleeping area:


Where I have been sleeping like a rock the past couple weeks : )

I am on the 16th floor – the floor with sun deck/roof access : )

And I get great sunlight with those huge windows! – which I have yet to buy shades/curtains for…..


My future “work space”……


Anddd…my pink bathroom!


I am just so excited! I love all the space that I still have to “play with,” and as time goes on, the place will develop and become more and more me! : )

To food! ……..I just had a yummmyyy lunch consisting of scrambled eggs with sun dried tomato and white cheddar cheese chunks, along with some baby carrots and what has become one of my favorite salad dressings – Newman’s Own Light Honey Mustard (a recent discovery!):


It hit the spot……

Briefly though, the one thing that I am not a fan of is my new gym……

I love my new neighborhood and love the fact that I am less than five minutes to the subway…..

However, I had to transfer gyms in the process – which I knew was going to be a bummer since I loved my old gym, especially the spin classes…..

My new gym (which is the only one walking distance from me really) has sooo many ridiculous rules – time limits on machines, stupid sign ups, a not so friendly staff, and basically only one spin class that I can make during the week – which is on Saturdays at noon….not to mention, the spin bikes are reallyyy old…..

Despite the lack of classes, I figured that was fine and I could always do my own spin workouts in the morning……well, apparently I can’t………the gym crew approached me one morning as I was using one of the ancient spin bikes in the class studio, and informed me that the spin bikes are not to be used unless it is during a class……

Well….we had a little battle…..I told them how they offer such a limited amount of classes, and the fact that it is ridiculous that I can’t use a spin bike myself at 6am in the morning for a workout when they are just standing there!……etc……..well, their excuse was…….”people abuse them”……ughhhhhhh…..I was not informed of ANY of these rules during my sign up process…….

Anyways, I have felt so spin class deprived, so I made sure I got there this morning an hour before class to reserve a spot (they put out the sign up an hour before class = street fight to get a spot)…….

Overall, the class was OK……but the instructor, music, workout itself, and the quality of the bikes simply don’t compare to my previous gym’s……….and the fact that I can only make ONE spin class a week…….not cool…..

Sooooo…….after two weeks or so I have canceled my membership……

……….becauseeee I am getting my own spin bike! : )

I looked at the big picture and know this is a great investment for me…..

A.) I have plenty of space in my apartment for the bike….

B.) They are having a huge sale on spin bikes at the moment! : )

C.) Although the bikes are expensive, I will no longer be paying for gym membership, so in the end the costs will even out….


D.) I LOVE SPINNING! How could this NOT be a good investment for me?!?!?!

especially if……

E.) I AM GOING TO BECOME A CERTIFIED SPIN INSTRUCTOR! I have been looking into this and am planning on becoming certified this winter : )

WIth all that said – my gym membership expires early December (since I have already been billed up to then)….. I will certainly make the most of it…. meanwhile I will be researching and looking into which spin bike is best for me – can’t wait to purchase it! : )

Welllll, I just wanted to say a quick hello! and that it’s good to be back, and hopefully Casey will be soon too!!!!!

Later all!


Today’s eats started with soapy oatmeal for breakfast…….ughhh….

I prepared my oats in the same container I always do, but today when I was eating them – something tasted off – I thought perhaps it was my palate or that my taste buds were wacky this morning lol – but the more I ate the more I determined it was def the oatmeal….

At this point I basically was almost done eating the whole thing – didn’t really enjoy one single bite – and have felt nauseous the rest of the day after determining it must have been the dish soap I used to last wash out the container……excellent…… : /

Although I did enjoy a nice tofu sandwich later in the afternoon from yesterday’s leftovers…..

Honestly though, I have a can of chickpeas, some yogurt, some oats, and brussel sprouts left…….I can’t wait to go grocery shopping after I move in on Saturday…..until then my eats will be bland and random to say the least – probably nothing picture worthy!

Also, this will probably be my final post for awhile, because things are going to start getting crazy and I will be experiencing a lack of internet soon as well – like my partner in crime has been for what seems like the past decade!!! lol

I cannot wait until I have my ownnnnn kitchen and an entire refrigerator to myself – not just half a shelf that I was given at my current housing situation…..

Again, sorry for the lack of food pics – but I will be a total dork and show you:

My new comforter that came in the mail today! Love the colors! : )


And my new shower curtain to go with my pink bathroom!


And the adorable oven mit that I got for a dollar! Yes, I got excited about purchasing this oven mit……perhaps I am just super pumped to finally be moving into my own place! : )


Well, despite the lack of posting that will be for a little while – please stay tunedddddddddd!!!!!!!

DoubleScoop will be back! : )

– Ania


My moving date is nearing!

Although I reallyyy need to, I’m avoiding going grocery shopping until I move into my new place…..I don’t feel like packing and unpacking food lol

So currently, I’m basically trying to use up all the ingredients I have lying around….not many lunch options to pack for work……

With that said and the cooler weather kickin in, yesterday for lunch, for the first time, I checked out the much raved about Hale and Hearty Soup – cheap, warming, and delicious!!!! 3 or 4 bucks for a small soup and fresh seven grain bread! Bonus!

I was torn between the ten vegetable and fall harvest vegetable, and ended up getting the ten – which was yum!

So I decided to go back today, and get the small fall harvest veggie – loved it! : )

Along with the chewy bread, and a side of mixed berries that I had…..delish!



For dinner tonight I made tofu – coated some extra firm tofu with organic EVOO, curry powder, paprika, and sesame seeds, and let these babies bake at 400 degrees or so for about 30 minutes….

Added some broc tossed with flax and Newman’s Own light honey mustard dressing on the side…


Leftovers = lunch tomorrow


Gotta get going…..later!


After spin class this morning, I devoted the day to cleaning & organizing all my stuff before the big move this week!

I got rid of a lot of stuff and feel much more organized and “lighter”……

I also ordered my new comforter, and got a new shower curtain, and cute kitchen accessories! I am going to love making this place “my own!”

Today’s eats included:

A yummy, single serving cranberry & flax pancake with some all natural fruit jam and PB…..


Juicy oranges…..loading up on that Vitamin C!


A shot worth of Blueberry POM…..I love this flavor…..


Sweet potato with drizzled ketchup & cinnamon:


Stonyfield’s plain/unsweetened organic yogurt, cinnamon, banana, a lil sugar to sweeten, and Uncle Sam’s wheat flakes cereal……


Yogurt and banana are supposed to help you sleep! So hopefully this concoction will aid in me getting some Zzzzzs tonight!



Okay, okay, okay……

I’m going to try to contain myself…..

So here we go……

This weekend came fast…..

Last night I went rollerblading with Lauren in Central Park…….I thought it was going to be sketch out…..but it was AWESOME! : )

This morning was just as awesome and set the tone for the rest of the day……I slept in (almost 9 whopping hours!!!!)…..had a slice of toast with one of the best combinations known to man – peanut butter and banana……looked outside at the gorgeous fall day……hit up Central Park again and did some more laps rollerblading…..and then caught the intense finish of the men’s Fifth Avenue Mile……..

I just realized I bladed about 25 miles within 24 hours, actually within less than 15 hours! I can definitely feel it in my legs now!

Rollerblading has to be one of the best fitness options out there……, love, love it…………I definitely need to get in some more sessions before winter hits!

Well up to date, some of Friday’s & today’s eats have included:

Toast & carrots with garlic hummus, and all natural chicken with drizzled ketchup:


Again – one of the best combos ever – toast with banana and PB:


Kashi Honey Sunshine – a freebie sample that came in the mail today…….Casey informed me that if you go to Kashi’s website….you could select a free cereal sample to be mailed to you……

This is one of the very few Kashi cereals that I haven’t tried…..

I don’t know whether it was because I was famished and tore the box opened and inhaled this serving with a splash of skim in about 5 minutes, but overall, I think I quite liked it : )


Steamed broc tossed with flaxseed and Newman’s Own Light Honey Mustard Dressing:


And this sweet treat – Breyer’s all natural Cookies & Cream:


Which was a celebration regardingggggg………………………………………………

MY NEW APARTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

After a fabulous morning and getting showered and ready for the rest of the day, I was optimistic, yet became a little hesitant feeling…..due to what was planned for the afternoon/evening……yes you guessed it, more apartment viewings…..

After all my venting on this blog in regards to apartments, I’m sure you can understand why I felt this way……


Props to mom for stumbling across this ad and persuading me to give them a call! : ) Ahhh, I cannot thank you enough!

From the moment I walked in the lobby – I knewwwww this was going to be different – good different…….and potentially, finallyyyyyy, the place for me!

And it is!   

It’s a large studio in a doorman building in Queens……..clean, secure, laundry on every floor, a sun deck, a gym (if you choose to pay a fee – still how convenient!), walking distance to everythingggg – including the subway, gets great sunlight, semi furnished, private, within my budget (a tad more than what I was looking for – but worth every penny!), and most importantly I see myself here and making this place my own! : )

I am soooo thrilled! : )

I’m planning on moving my stuff in this week, and permanently moving in this upcoming weekend!

On that note, this upcoming week blogging may become quite choppy/non-existent due to the move and lack of internet…..

Oooooo, but I can’t wait!!!! : )

I just realized how many smiley’s I incorporated into this post……

Well here’s another! : )



Hello all!

For the most part I feel better : )

I had a good workout at the gym, caught the train just before the doors shut, and began my day at work with a delish breakfast:

Banana & PB oatmeal…….oats, flaxseed, cinnamon, stevia, a small mashed banana, a splash of water, splash of coffee, and a splash of skim, with a small scoop of PB swirled in…….a big, mashed glob of heaven…..


Lunch was some Wasa crackers with garlic hummus and some steamed carrots:


And a half cup of plain Stonyfield organic yogurt, sweetened with Stevia, flaxseed, some blueberries, and a sprinkle of Kashi GoLean Crunch:


Dinner was zucchini, carrots, lima beans, squash, and some gluten free penne noodles, tossed with flaxseed and Newman’s Own Light Honey Mustard Dressing…..

I just realized I have had quite the amount of ground flaxseed today!


And dessert:

A slice of whole grain toast – with a little PB and the last of my TJ blackberry jam…..hit the spot! : )


No apartment viewings tonight……so I’m off to search for possible weekend appointments!

Welcome back Casey – you have been missed!!!!! But I miss you in person more : (

– Ania